Aerial Filming & Medivacs

Heli-Tours Fiji are Fiji’s leader in providing aerial filming and photography services for feature films, commercials, television, surf competitions and broadcast events with experienced pilots and proven results. We can provide a range of options to fit any budget from wedding photography and hand held marketing videos for resorts, right through to full feature films using the latest gyro stabilised camera systems.

Managing Director Tim Joyce also owns and operates Skydive Fiji and specializes in unusual filming and stunts. Tim has undertaken hundreds of Skydiving demonstrations and has been Stunt Coordinator for many TV Shows including the Australian show "Who Dares Wins"

We work closely with Tony Monk Films and operator Blair Monk who has over 3000 hours operating the Cineflex systems.

Credit list including:

  • Chronicles of Narnia – Feature Film
  • Yogi Bear – Feature Film
  • The Italian Job – Bollywood Feature Film
  • Mountain Dew Commercial (Salman Kahn)
  • BBC – How Earth Made Us
  • BBC – Great Barrier Reef
  • BBC – South Pacific

Additional credits can be seen at


Cineflex V14 Camera System, Specifications include:

  • Sony 1500 Camera (4:4:4 or 4:2:2)
  • Sony SRW-1 or Samurai HD recording options
  • Fujinon 42x9.7 lens (29mm – 2200mm zoom in 35mm terms (approx.)

Helitours can also arrange for other camera systems to be brought into Fiji for your shoot including:

  • Wescam
  • Spacecam
  • Stab-C
  • Cineflex Elite
  • Shotover Camera System
  • GSS Camera System

For your filming requirements and we can assist you to choose the best camera system for your project and budget contact us by click here.



In addition to scenic and resort transfers, Heli-Tours Fiji specializes in Medical Evacuations, Search & Rescue Operations, and Patient transfers. Our AS355 Twin Engine helicopter is equipped with an articulated medical stretcher and essential medical equipment to enable overwater patient transfers & landings on major hospitals. We also have the R-44 helicopter (3 passenger seats) available to transfer medical staff & equipment or seated patients at a more affordable rate.

In addition to local medical personnel and facilities we have also teamed up with a dedicated international jet retrieval service in Australia that has medical staff and aircraft on 24-hour standby to provide specialist medical advice, diagnosis and a retrieval service anywhere within the Pacific Basin.
We have staff on standby 24 hours per day in the event of an emergency to assist in arranging medical assistance and / or evacuation either by helicopter or fixed wing as required.