HOW DOES IT WORK? - Helicopter Services over the Fiji Islands


Step 1 – Freefall Time
You can jump from 8,000 feet, go ‘radical’ to 10,000 and double your freefall time, ‘extreme’ at 12,000, else become a legend’ on your very first jump at 14,000 feet!

Going Higher isn’t Scarier, It’s more Fun! Click here to see our rates.

Step 2 – Video/Photo Package
Let us make sure you don’t forget a moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our instructors will take shots of the plane ride, exit, freefall, parachute flight & landing.
We offer High Definition Hand-Camera Photo/Video options and Dedicated Camera Flyer packages.


P.O.Box 9452, Nadi Airport Fiji Islands